Cortina Man

Saturday, November 11, 2006

So I am not alone?


I'm not really much of a blogger. But it turns out that there is a bloke in Alberta who is as crazy about old Cortinas I am. Sound. But are there really only 2 Cortina enthusiasts in a population of 30 million? Suppose that this is something to do with a climate that helps most Fords dissolve within 5 years in certain parts of the country and an attitude that means most people want newer and bigger things/cars etc all the time. Makes me stand out like a bit of a sore thumb. I would rather pay 50 quid for a car and keep it running as long as possible (for example, my Morris Minor), rather than shell for a new one every three years like everyone else. Oh well. Better try and get some restoration photos on here if i can a)find them and, b) work out how to upload them.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cortina has a sister

Well i am not classic less. The old tina has a sister here in Canada, in the shape of an 84 Volks Rabbit cabrio. Not the same though. Have an old moggie as well.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Looking at other car websites I have been directed to, other owners list the modifications of their cars. Ok then, so here goes: The engine block is something like original but fitted with an escort mkII sport cylinder head, 4 branch exhaust manifold and twin choke weber carb with KN filter. It has a cam shaft that can only be described as evil, for several reasons: I cannot find the spec data so have no idea of dwell angle or anything else, which means that setting up the the valve and timing can best be described as a guestimate. It will not tick over but is really happy at 5000rpm.

Despite this the car goes very well for a mkII, like a plane on a runway but drinks like a fish. I often wonder whether I would have been better fitting an old essex V6 and having done with it. Would probably be better on petrol but would rip the car in half..... it really needs a fifth gear though.

Brakes, Cortina 1600E on the front, the rears are Capril MkIII sport with a handbrake operating system that is part cortina, part capri and part Zanussi washing machine. ..... .... well it works and it got through the MOT!

Friday, August 25, 2006

I miss my car.

I am a brit transplanted to Canada, where life is good (although winters are horrific!), but I miss my car. The car in question is a 1967 Cortina 1600 Super which I converted to GT spec (ish- I am sure you purists will pick up on the details....) a few years ago. These photos were taken recently, although since then the front end got altered by an SUV. Interestingly enough- the SUV suffered 2 grands worth of damage whereas the only damage to the Cortina was a slighly bent front wing and the owners pride. The car was painted by myself in non-original Ford Lagoon Blue (Ford Code L), apparently Mk11s were never painted this colour. Oh well. The car has now covered over 250,000 miles and was still going strong, last time I drove her earlier this year, I miss my car! These pictures were taken in my native City of Sheffield, near where the car still resides. Better get it shipped to Quebec then!